Healiant Introduces HealiaX, a Virtual Product Support Portal


Healiant to unveil industry’s first centralized virtual support platform to restore connectivity between product specialists and healthcare providers.




Florida based training and education company Healiant is pleased to announce that its game-changing virtual product support platform will be announced today at WoundCon2020 and go live shortly thereafter. Owned and managed by a team of wound industry veterans, Healiant is dedicated to empowering wound care clinicians with knowledge of Advanced Wound Care Concepts delivered through a unique and engaging digital environment. This innovative virtual product support platform has been designed to keep caregivers connected to product knowledgeable clinical support during these challenging days of the COVID 19 outbreak and beyond.


In these tough times, clinical support teams are unable to get to the point of care because of social distancing measures. Experts feel that things may get more complicated once patients and caregivers start getting ill or infected. Making things worse, many product support specialists and technicians are simply not equipped with the necessary PPE to enter a building for delivering care or product support.


“Wounds were a serious problem before this crisis. The lack of clinical and product support access has only made the problem more dire,” mentioned Robert Crousore, the Co-founder of Healiant’s Staffing Division.


Healiant’s new virtual manufacturer supported virtual online product support platform that connects live and on-demand product and clinical support resources to caregivers across the care continuum. Caregivers will be able to access contracted manufacturer’s product information and live specialists to increase efficacy at the bedside.



Some of the most important benefits of the virtual online product support platform include;


·       A simplified and streamlined process for bedside nurses to connect to the manufacturer’s product specialists and technicians

·       Scheduled live and on-demand specialized support

·       Advanced permissioning of private education and service training content

·       Tracking and reporting on who has completed on-demand training via the integrated learning management system

·       Includes patient education that can be pushed to the patient or family member


“Restoring connectivity between the caregivers and the product specialists who can help them optimize and improve the outcomes at the bedside is paramount. It is our obligation to lean into this problem with everything we’ve got,” says Josh Heuchan, Managing Director for Healiant Training.


To find out more about Healiant Training Solutions’ revolutionary virtual product support platform, please visit www.healiaX.com.

About Healiant: Founded back in 2018 by a team of professionals who’ve been deeply focused on serving the wound care industry for a combined 50+ years, our portfolio of companies are all united around our mission of connecting and delivering objective, evidence-based and product agnostic resources that deliver the very best outcomes for you at the bedside. We are nationally recognized as a CE and CME provider for clinicians and physicians all over the country.


The Healiant Family is made up of three businesses: HealiaX is a virtual product support platform seamlessly enables manufacturers and distributors to connect and provide live virtual product and clinical support to caregivers at the bedside.


Healiant Staffing Solutions is the first and only true per diem staffing provider focused exclusively on the wound care industry. Our staff assembles and seamlessly delivers per diem credentialed wound care teams to manufacturers and distributors all over the country to support their clinical biz development objectives. Each of these relationships is unique and leverages hyper-local Healiant clinicians without the need to travel. We also provide clinical resources to providers when they need specific shift coverage or other consultative support. Finally, our Healiant Staffing division has an elegant recruiting model for those who are looking to hire full-time clinical staff in a wound care capacity.


Lastly, Healiant Training, which was founded out of the necessity to support our own growing clinical staff to increase their capabilities and competencies around advanced wound care treatments and product knowledge. We recognized that there was a deficiency in the marketplace and really no pathway to deliver and/or recognize someone who had attained an advanced level of knowledge over and above what was represented through wound care clinical credential. Working together with credentialing resources, we built the first educational pathway and prep course for the Advanced Wound Care credential which sits on top of a wound certification. This enables those with a CWS, WCC or WOCN to go through an extensive training developed by some of the top SMEs in the country to help expand their knowledge in the product context around the different solutions that heal wounds, which go beyond their underlying knowledge of the biology and documentation of the wound. 

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